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ok, they other day I accidently deleted my instalation for gtaIV, so I reinstalled, it but I was eager to [play so I decided to skip the update patch, I began playing and got in a cop chase, and I really think the police were a hell of a lot more agressive and fast compared to my updated game. Now I was enjoying this, but alas for some reason my ps3 just will not play gtaIV when it's not updated anymore (it will completly freeze) so I was forced to update to version 1.6.


Now people may say im imaginig it, but as soon as updated I tried again and there def seemed to be a downgrade.

This is;nt that far fetched though, when the game was on like ver 1.3 the police were pathetic at following you in a car, but with 1.6 they seem to be better. so I don't know, can anyone conform this, and try and test your un updated game and see if it's true?



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