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Quickstart: Adding mods to GTA IV


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*Disclaimer: This short guide is ONLY applicable to Singleplayer gaming. Multiplayer does not allow any modifications to the original game (fully separate topic).


**Others may not find success with the steps I am outlining here, but its worth a shot and a good place to start


All who have previously modded other titles in the GTA series (GTA III, VC, SA, etc...) with success and now find themselves frustrated by the way GTA4 handles attempts at modifying content, this guide is for you. Never modded GTA before? This guide should get you started as well.


I have been enjoying GTA since GTA3 graced the PS console. Shortly thereafter, I started playing it on a PC and discovered modding. I've (heavily) modded all titles in this fantastic series since, created my own map content, etc. I recently bought a retail copy of GTA IV and discovered that it is quite resistant to tampering and simply wont run if the user has changed anything within its folder walls. Having much previous experience, I snooped around some, thought I had found some answers, and tried again. Still no joy. Needless to say, I bought GTA IV with intent to add custom vehicles in the least and found myself getting quite frustrated with the elusive process. A short 'quickstart' guide follows that will allow others with similar frustrations to get started and add some quality custom gear ingame.



Where to start!


- 1 - You will need to ditch 'MS Live' (which is not needed for offline play) and gain some other useful functions: XLiveless


- 2 - You will need an image opening program: Either SparkIV 0.6.5 (which supports versions -, or OpenIV (didn't work with my patched version, though equally as popular).


- 3 - If you use a game controller other than the 'XBox 360' controller, you will need an emulator: Post with link to emulator


That should do it. The rest is details, but your game will now run with modded content. Read all the 'readme' files and descriptions. Enjoy!



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thanks, just what i was looking for.. its about time i learned about modding IV tounge.gif

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