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[REL] BSN Textdraw Editor (SA:MP)


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BSN Textdraw Editor v0.2


Textdraws are essential part of any SA:MP server. But coding them is a time consuming job. So to reduce your hassles, this software builds the code for you saving your valuable time.



This is a textdraw creator application that runs on Windows and is created with Visual Studio 2008. With this application you can create textdraw's without going ingame. Its easy and fast, it also includes a hex color code generator and a lot of options. This is the first version of this app and I will develop it and try to make it more useful. This is my first release at gtagarage and my first application created with Visual Studio 2008.



  • Just Click image to select textdraw position!

Color Picker

Hex Code Generator

Textdraw Preview

Choose your custom image

A lot of options to customize your textdraw

Easy and Fast

user posted image






How To Use

  • Download (rar file) and extract the application from the link given below and open it.

Select the Textdraw Name

Note that Textdraw Name is the name used by PAWNO code generator and this will NOT be displayed on screen.

Enter the "text" that you want as textdraw text in String.

Enter the size.

Normal range of size is 0.2 to 1.5. The value you enter here is assigned to X-axis of the text.

Select if the text is proportional

If you Select 'Yes' - default selected, the text you enter will be proportional in X and Y axis.

If you Select 'No' you will have to enter your custom sizes.

Next select the Color of your textdraw.

After you click on the color picker image, the color picker will be displayed on your screen, select your custom color as you do in 'paint'. The color you select will be displayed in a box besides the color picker image following will be a Hex Color displayer. The color you select will automatically be converted into hex values saving your work to convert it from any other color converter website. You can also use this function when you just want to get a hex value of a color while working with PAWNO code.

Click the 'Preview' button which will display your textdraw preview.

It is necessary to enter all the values in First window to avoid errors.

Click Next to go to next window, which would allow you to select the textdraw position.

Just click image to select position!

user posted image

Select a position where you want to display your textdraw or enter your custom position below.

Click Next which will display the Other Tweaks window.

In this window you can select textdraw font, outline and shadow settings.

The last window will display your final code, just press Obtain Code, select the code and use Ctrl + C to copy it.



version 0.2-Added "Click and Select" position selector-Added option which allows you to select box-Fixed error which appeared in v0.1 by clicking 'Create another textdraw'version 0.1 - Application Released




If you find any bug, please report it in comments.



user posted image

(Mirror 1 - solidfiles.com - http://solidfiles.com/d/0f9a/ )

Edited by bhaveshnande
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