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Catch the wave


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I'm having a hard time completing the mission Catch the Wave. Has anybody completed it by going around the building outside?

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This is one with Phil Bell at the boat house right? What's going wrong?


The thing I find most annoying is that Phil tends to do a suicidal charge right into the middle of the boathouse and often dies if you are not quick to help him. I doubt you can complete it going round the side because Phil will most likely still go this way.


There are several guys on the raised walkways, a couple directly above the main entrace you enter through who will shoot you in the back. I always try to take out these guys first because you have no cover from them - just keep your distance from the guys on the ground unitl then - they are only accurate a close range. Arrive with a Carbine Rifle, plenty of ammo, and body armour cool.gif

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