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And so the moment continued. Her eyes met mine and we remained there for what seemed an incalculable length of time; though with hindsight but a few seconds could have transpired. And it was within this moment that I was imbued with ineffable tranquility, in her arms, with such closeness, fell silent all voices of self-criticism, my mind eased by her warmth. Inevitably the moment ended- rightly, but nonetheless abruptly. We spoke to each-other not a word, but instead I looked at her eyes and she at mine and with the gaze came the acknowledgement that this was all it would be: for I, a mere academic, a cynic, a realist, could never be level with her- she who was impelled by chance and freedom.


So we parted. She walked along the road and I sprinted across the field, resurrecting my younger days and the impulse with which I lived them.

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