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TBOGT ps3 help?


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hey guys i cant find the DLC for TBOGT on the psn store, any help? mad.gif All there is in the store is Vice City and Chinatown wars, nothing on GTA iv AT ALL

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Spaghetti Cat

Downloaded this last night so I can help...


Look for ADD-ONS in the main PS store menu, from there it's under DISK-BAISED ADD ONS, search for the GRAND THEFT AUTO IV section from there!


TBoGT was $19.99 and TLAD was $9.99


And don't freak out like I did when I started up the game, depending on where you were in the original IV it will load up your last mission. Just pause, go to the game load section, and start a new game. From there you will be given the option for either IV or the DLC's. When you save in the DLC's, the next time you start up it will go to the last mission saved.


Hope that helps icon14.gif

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hey the frustrating thing is there is absolutely NOTHING on GTA IV in the psn store!! angry.gif This is really getting on my nerves as many of the DLCs of other games such as the Stimulus package for mw2 also cant be found in the store

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