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I'll do it.


For: Rajesh4626

Missions: Freefall

Helper: cacarla

Link: here

Notes: Mission Passed. Next time, please save closer to the mission start point. You saved in SF and the mission requested was in LV. Enjoy!!

Edited by cacarla
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I'll do it

Haha - I'm fast like hell...

For: rajesh4626

Missions: Freefall

Helper: JAJ

Link: <savegame>



$15000 & respect gained mission reward

picked up some armor for you

the game gives you t he 9mm pistol for this mission

There's a phone call waiting.

Enjoy the rest of the game!



Edited by JAJ
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Seems so. Oh, and Carl was Wasted not Busted.

Be more careful next time cacarla.


I'll do it. - Beaten by JAJ, never expected.

Dead (Retired)

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I really don't know how Carl was wasted. Everything was fine when i played and completed it. oh well, thanks to JAJ.

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