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Game crashes when I try to make progress.


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First off I have downloaded a number of mods for this game. some of them using Cleo (Such as vehicle spawner and PimpMyCar) I also have downloaded a texture revamp for this game (which makes the textures allot more detailed) as well as an effects mod. Ohhh. and I also have a speedometer + gas mod installed (using Cleo). And a Car texture mod. And last but not least I have the newer version of the game so I downloaded a .compact version that allows me to play it in the older format. Ahaha so There are allot of things that could be causing the issue.


Anyways, whenever I go to start a missions (specifically a trucking mission) after I finnish or right before, my game crashes. Now my question is.. why is this happening? Do I have too many mods installed? And if so, I've had them installed for a week or so now, why didn't this happen before? I've deleted my entire cleo folder but I have no luck. The game runs a bit smoother but It still crashes.


So I'm wondering if there is anything in particular that could be causing this problem? Could it be my computer it's self? I have a berry good graphics card/ processing system (I have a brand new laptop). Ohh and as far as the settings I play on I use: 50% brightness 50% Draw Distance. Frame Limiter Off. Wide screen Off. Visual Fx Quality Very High. And Aliasing 3. Screen Resolution 1280x300 (or something close to that)


I need advice on what to do? I have a back up of the files on my computer. If I replaced the current files with these, could I then go and install some of the mods again? and if so which ones? And again if my issue is the mods why is it just happening now?


Thanks for all who help and sorry this is such a long post!



There is a folder in the Cleo folder that I deleted Labeled Cleo_saves. I'm wondering if this ended up interfering with the saves I had made and after a while it just couldn't run anymore? (which might explain why I can't Make anymore progress)

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Your best bet here is to reinstall the game and delete the gta_sa.set file from the User Files folder. After that, install mods one at a time and try to find out which mod causes your game to crash. Then, just don't install that mod again. This might seem a bit tedious but there's no other way of finding out.

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