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The Mandelbrot


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As i am having math on higher and higher levels, i have stumbled upon the picture of the so called "Mandelbrot fractal" a few times.

I have asked widely and searched much across the internet, but for some reason this thing still haunts me with its mystery.

I know alot on this forum hate math, but i am sure that atleast one person could take the liberty to explain to me what it is, in simple words please.


In the formula: z1 = z^2+c

What is z and what c?


For thos who do not know what this is, check it out:


(From what i understand you can zoom infinite close, since there's infinite numbers)


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Wow, another opportunity for both of my favorite things to be talked about.


Including Jonathan Coulton and Mathematics.




Or this version if you prefer.....after seeing the above views with explanations.





Or if you prefer Arther C. Clarke.








Enjoy the Mandelbrot Set and also the associated Julian Set!



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