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Dimitri vs Ray bulgarin vs Billy Grey


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imagin if Dimitri, Ray Bulgarin and Billy grey all had a war with each other, who do you think will come of best.


Dimitri and Ray bulgarin buy the old clubhouse and turn it into a strip bar but its a front for prostichution, the two gang bosses become top dogs but Dimitri wants to be the king of the castle.


As they get too big for their own boots, the previous owner of the clubhouse, billy grey returns to get his club back...first he gets his gang of bikers to raid the club, unaware that Ray is watching them via cctv, he phones Dimitri up saying "its me, ray, i dont give a sh*t what ya up to...we got a problem."


on a seprete occasion. Dimitri organises a coicaine deal with Ray Bulgarin but Dimitri along with sum friends double cross Ray Bulgarin.


the three baddies of the gta iv sage finally meet with each other. whitch baddie will come off best in the triple gang war.


but only two live why one dies a very painful death.

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