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Glitches? Where do I begin?




Inside airport terminal (you must know about this one, many people use it to cheat. If they do, just stay away from the building)


Inside party mode building






Vehicle spinning






Need cash?


A few more...


There's lots more on youtube, also a few glitches that I know of that I haven't found videos of yet...


One of them involves crouching and shooting. This only works with non-automatic weapons, like the handguns, the shotguns and the basic sniper rifle. What you do is you hold down the fire-button and then click the left stick (to crouch up an down) in a certain rythm. The rythm depends on the kind of weapon used, e.g. the pistol requires a very fast rythm and is less forgiving than say the sniper rifle. If done correctly, you'll be able to shoot far more bullets per second than usual. This is easiest with the sniper rifle.

So if you see someone crouching up and down while he shoots, you'll know he's trying to glitch.


There's also a glitch that lets you go through any wall, which involves climbing over a large vehicles door while it's moving, but I couldn't find the video any more...


Frankly, I've never seen a game with so many glitches...


Came from this topic wink.gif

A couple of those might've been fixed by now...

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which platform you on. theres heaps of underground glitches on ps3. most can be found on youtube

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