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I have a work in Science and I need some help.


Do you know any good sites to find the pros and cons of the Genetically Modified Organisms, Infertility Treatment and Pasteurization? And while you're at it, Vaccination?


Thanks for the help! biggrin.gif

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Infertility treatment drugs have several pros and cons. The most obvious pro being that they enable people who can't conceive naturally to have the chance of having a child/children. However there are several side-effects to the drugs which are used: There is a raised chance of premature births, multiple births and complications resulting from them; a woman may develop ovarian cysts as a result of this treatment and these pills obviously cost.


If you want to talk about IVF then the obvious pro is again the high likelihood of pregnancy occurring. You can also plan your due date so that it fits in with the rest of your life to cause minimal stress to the parents. However it generally costs more than adoption, which many people would say was a better alternative. There are also ethical concerns with regards to the methods of creating many embryos and killing all but one.


GM Crops: Higher crop yields feed more people in developing countries; shelf-life of products can be improved markedly; crops can be made hardier so that they can still yield in extremely difficult environments; they can also be engineered to contain high levels of a particular nutrient.


Cons: Replaces personal labour, so could lead to farming job losses; new allergens can be produced when genes are transferred between plant species; other organisms in the area could be harmed; since some aspects of GM work with bacteria there is a fear that it could lead to new diseases being produced. This threat to human health is certainly the biggest potential drawback with regards to Genetic Modification.


Try Google. It answers all of your queries and much more...

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