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Testing CLEO Scripts


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Is there any way to test my scripts without having to close and open the game all the time?

because the script will not run in the first test



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You don't have to restart the entire game.


Just press Esc, Start New Game and either load a game or start a new one (which is fastest when the stripped.scm is installed). CLEO reloads all scripts then.


Also, this is good for the times when you still need to close and reopen the game (changing an IMG file).

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one more question.

anyone know how to set the color of a car? and is there a list showing the number of colors?


for example:


0 - black

1 - White



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great, exactly what I was looking for.




but now there is a problem when I compiled my script. I pressed the F7 key to compile and install, and now appears in the game 5 scripts loaded, and I have only 1 script at CLEO folder, and every time I activate my script in the game, it's running 5 times the same script


Deji, you had the same problem?

I'm using CLEO 4



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Do you have something like






in your CLEO folder?


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my folder looks like:


user posted image


Uploaded with ImageShack.us


but actually when I opened my script to edit it appeared [scriptname] [1]. cs

but even after editing the name still the same happens, appears 5 scripts loaded and running five times in the game


sorry for english (using google translate)

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problem solved!


thanks again


----- edit ------


I uploaded my script

it's a burger shot delivery

I got a script that was pizza delivery and edited for the burger shot


press ctrl + b to call burger shot


user posted image



Edited by Vinnex89
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