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The Pictures of Reality


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Okay well time for a reboot. For those of you who don't know what the premise is you post a picture of a member as to what you think they look like (could be for physical reasons, or personality wise) but you don't use a ACTUAL picture of the member in question.


Okay I'll start.





user posted image



Charming Charlie

user posted image




user posted image


Otter and Icarus.

user posted image



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Funny. I just thought about this a few days ago when I saw this picture but I didn't feel like digging the old one up.


user posted image


Lethal Nizzle.

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Oh my goodness, why am I a Nazi-something?!


What did I do to deserve that?!


P.S. Thanks for mentioning me.

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user posted image





user posted image





user posted image







That's all for now. tounge2.gif

Edited by LithiuM
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user posted image

I like that. Needs to be a whippet though, for true accuracy.

Can someone find me a good picture of a tin-foil-hat-wearing hobo? I want to do one of Grandmaster Smith and google is being unkind.

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user posted image

Holy sh*t, that's one helluva creepy mugshot!


I don't know anyone in particular so I just Googled Typhus thinking myself I could find something more "friendly"for this user, but with such an username it ain't easy biggrin.gif


So I got this...sorry if i'm doing it wrong

user posted image

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