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Modding the Subway


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I am a long time player of both Silent Hill II and GTA III and I would like to mod the textures of the subway in GTA III.


I have tools for doing that such as IMG Tool 2.0 , TXD Workshop and the appropriate Silent Textures that I have resized to 64*64 or 32*32 and recoded them in 8 bits ( 256 colours ).


The problrm is that I woulf like to know which of this fle refers to the subway next to San Francis International Airport because when extracting the TXD files from GTA3.img I end up with 6 or 7 TXD that are named "comsub", "subway1" or "subway2" .


Not knowing which one is the good I picked up a TXD at random that I fully modded and re-injected it in GTA3.img by rebuilding the archive.


When I launch the game after that nothing seems to be modded.


Can someone help me please ?



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The actual subway name is not "subway", it is officially refered to as the "train" in the in-game files. Default.ide entry-


124,  train,  	train,  	train,	TRAIN,  	TRAIN,    ignore,  1,	7,	0


Thus, the texture name is "train" and will be somewhere near your other vehicle textures, after the barracks. Be sure that any texture mods also replace the correct entry in the txd.img file, or nothing appears different. The game, once you play it the first time, starts using the textures in this file and ignores the ones in the gta.img file, although dffs are still used. This also applies to any car mods you may have that appear white.


Just replace "train" and you'll be fine.


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