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Hello i have problem with that mod , erm tbh i have problem with SRT3 1.7 too. When i instal SRT3 1.7 on clean 1.0 gta and put StreamMemFix and i start gta it says that my gta exe is wrong , need 14,3mb one. When i replace with correct one it works , then i try putting there ENB SERIES MOD and got something like this :user posted image . I dont know what to do, with every version of that mod(setting etc) is same. Btw could some1 write here how to install SRT3 1.7 mod + Project oblivion 2010HD + ENB SERIES MOD pls?

PLS help me.


If i posted in wrong topic sorry for that i tried to do something with it almost 7h today and i just cant do more today to find correct one sad.gif .


Windows 7 ,Gainward GTX260 896MB GS , 2GB kingston memory

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… Note that this forum is only for unmodded copies of the game. For anything related to add-ons, tools or mods, please visit the modding forums!
The emphasis above is mine.


You’re asking in the wrong forum. Ask in the ENB series topic Link: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=314556


You must have missed the Centre Main Menu choice for MODDING. And obviously the Banner lettering: icon14.gif

Modding questions belong in THE MODDING FORUMS! Where you click on the underlined words. icon14.gif that’s where you can find players who ARE modders, that can really give you some help! smile.gif

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