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GTA: Entertainment, not Threat


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Hello fellow Grand Theft Auto fans. For the past few months me and two of my friends have been interviewing, and filming for our documentary about how the media negatively depicts games such as GTA for their violence, and how the media associates video game violence with violence carried out in real life. Not only are we going to be debunking the claims that games such as GTA can cause violent behavior, we are also going to show that the fans of GTA are not violent people and in fact are mostly mature teens and adults.


This is our teaser trailer, but within the upcoming weeks we hope to have a full trailer that shows some of the interviews we have taken already.



Feedback is highly appreciated

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Ha "raising our kids" is a sweeping insult to the parents of america. Nice one Mr Obama.


Anyway yea, there's plenty of intelligent opposition to the media witch hunt against grand theft auto. My feedback/ideas are as follows:


Here in England there have been a few series recently exposing the truth about how drugs work. A usually taboo subject that doesn't get exposed, but with titles like "how drugs work" and "canabis, whats the harm". What I'd take from that is that a documentary about grand theft auto and its affects on violence might be better aimed at the audience not in-the-know about computer games if it poses a question like this in the title.


I haven't looked into this so I'd look into it for yourselves, but my personal opinion is that if your documentary is to make a difference in the world, it has to appeal to an audience that will learn from it, such as parents, and it has to appear to be relatively balanced, informative and focused on the question/title.


The next thing is that, if you do aim at people who don't know much about computer games, you may be aiming at parents who aren't even aware that games aren't all child friendly. I'd recommend searching for the bbfc (granted that's for Britain) report on public feedback, which eludes pretty well and objectively to what parents think, so that the documentary could be sensitive to their esperience. If the show only defends GTA yet what that audience sees on the screen is violence beyond what they've seen before, it won't help your case, but introducing them to how computer games in general have evolved would put GTA into a better context for defense.


Here is a brief summary of what I remember the report showed, most of which can be found reported by other means: Most parents thought that all games were autimatically child friendly. Most didn't sit and watch their children play the games they played and were unaware that they had advanced to such realism and violence. Most parents considered their child to be responsible enough to act responsible in game buying, left it to their choice through not wanting to make mistake purchases they did not like, yet were very commonly tricked by their own children into believing that the age ratings defined how difficult the game was as opposed to their contents. When shown video of common gaming violence they were shocked and felt irresponsible for letting their children play without better knowledge themselves, but after playing the games they felt that the violence in the games were lessened by the need to concentrate on functioning the character and focusing on objectives.


Okay, thanks for reading all of that tounge.gif Lastly, I would say that if you aren't focusing this towards parents atall, most of the above will be mostly irrelevant. You could still use the last point though, that even parents with children who play violent videogames, who wouldn't wish their children be exposed to violence, had the opinion that the violent content of computer games was lessened by gameplay...


Anyway, goodluck and I look forward to the next trailer. Perhaps some appropriate atmosphere music or is that against the style you're going for? I hope you get the sort of feedback you need smile.gif

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