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FPS tweaks?


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Athlon 64 X2 5000+ @2.6GHz


GeForce 8800GS 512mb


I can barely get 25fps running everything on low. I'm using -novblank, with all the distance, and density sliders around 15-20.

Am I beyond hope, or is there some way to make this run any better? Also using the Steam version, if that helps any.

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That sounds about right, I'm afraid. Have you tried upping some settings to see if they impact performance at all? If you used retail version, you could try using an older patch version, patch 6/7 is very taxing on some machines.

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I have the Steam version of the game, and I downgraded to Patch, which is already seeming to bring a significant performance boost. But now my fonts are gone. From what I've read, the only fix is uninstalling and reinstalling, buuut that would bring me up to the latest patch version. Any ideas?

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When you have steam version, you're officially stuck with the latest version of the game. I'm not aware if there are any downgrade patches in existence.

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