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How do you drop, not throw, sticky bombs?


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I know how to throw stickies but it involves stopping, aiming and launching. I see other players dropping them whilst running. How is this done (PS3)? I've tried every combination of buttons I can think of to no avail. It would be a highly effective manouevre in the right circumstances.


Apologies if I've missed the answer somewhere else on the forum.

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Hmm... I would have definitely tried that, and it hasn't worked.


I've got the keypad set to 'classic' GTA setup - X for accelerate rather than L1 or R1 or whatever it is on the new setup - could that be making the fire button not work in this context? After playing GTA IV for a couple of years that way, I wouldn't want to change the keypad to the new layout. I'd be a noob again!

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On GTA SA controls that would be the O button. Try that?


EDIT: The gta IV control screen on classic says L1 so try that too.

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Finn 7 five 11

^^ hes right


I think is a little silly having classic controls on, since you cannot aim as accurately without having the triggers for aiming and shooting, and it takes like 30mins to get used to the new controls.

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