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"Teleport" special objective


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Need: when player is spotted by actor = teleported back to start position.


Tried: creating a "teleport area" BUT "teleport" in the Special Objectives asks me to choose an actor model . . . . what???


SO: how can I cause the player to be bounced back to start when spotted by enemy?


Thanks in advance.

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"being spotted by an enemy" is not a trigger in DYOM, which you can use to trigger something to happen, so I don;t thinks the functionality that you want( being bounces back to the start when spotted by an actor is an option in DYOM.


The teleport objective, just takes care of teleporting the player to a new location, optionally with a new skin and a new weapon, after the previous objective has been achieved. The actor you will have to define when placing the "teleport objective" is the new skin/weapon/location of the player after the previous objective has been achieved.


For example; you define a "checkpoint objective" in groovestreet, followed by a "teleport objective" in a casino in las venturus, with a croupier skin. Then the following will happen when you play the mission: In groovestreet you see a sphere, as soon as you walk with the player into the sphere, the screens turns black for a short time and when it comes back, you're a croupier in the casino in las venturas.





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