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[Q] Multiple Sirens Mod?


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What if we just scrapped the in game siren system, and develop our own.

Maybe incorpated in to ELS, hell maybe a seperate mode that pops up a siren interface.

Where you could cycle through a series of many different sirens, and set the modes.


Police Siren Mode, Ambulance Mode, Firetruck, Hazmat Sirens, Misc


That would be so great, and once we do that we could get them to actually work for the traffic, so

people would just either stop driving and brake, or pull off to the side.


This needs to be done seriously. cookie.gif


I've already made up the mod name for you! Multi-Emergency Siren Mod, or something. cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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I don't like the fact that you do not have a dedicated button for the air horn, I wish there was still a regular car horn, and a button for the air horn, it would be much more realistic.

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Yeah I totally agree. I always wanted to use the airhorn with the sirens and lights on.

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