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Trainers crash :(


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Ive been like 16 hours trying to figure out how the hell can i install "Simple Native Trainer v6.2", i've tried all methods, including xlive.dll and dsound.dll, but all i result is a complete fail, once i remove the 4 files "Trainer.ini, Trainer.asi Scripthook.dll, and dsound/xlive.dll " everything goes back to its normal, i turned off the firewall, if shutdown the user control, ive opened GTAIVLuncher.exe in admin mode, and still, it loads until "Loading-Story Complete" and suddenley, GTA IV has stopped working...i am using win7

I would really like to know what is the way i can install it and also i wanna know how is it possible to know whats is the patch am i using tounge.gif

Help !




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Well, i can't help you whit the trainer but to know what patch you have just go to GTA IV's install folder , second click on GTAIV.exe file go to properties in the window that it appears go to version and it will say what version of the game you are using.

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