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Get An Old Account Back?

Long Haired Freaky Guy

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Long Haired Freaky Guy

Hey, didn't know where to post this so I thought in here would be best.


Anyway, just recently I've been trying to get my old account back, but to no avail due to me having no access to that E-Mail account anymore, and there is no other way of getting onto the account as I can't remember the password (the account is like 7 years old or something).


Not sure if it's the best idea as this account was made to hide who I was, but all the old members seem to have dissapeared now so I wouldn't mind getting it back.

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Why not just continue with your current account? Let the past stay buried. You have established a decent identity for yourself with your current account, so you really don't need to switch it back to whoever you were 7 years back. But anyways, the final call is yours, man. Good luck!

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