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INI Support for .net scripts


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***I also posted this on the Scripthood.net forum***

I created my first .net script using visual basic. Everything works great but i would like to set up an INI. I read through lots of forum discussion and the excellent documentation Hazard X gives out with his Scripthook.net. I just can't find an example, or at least, how to tie one into a script. I created an .ini in notepad but don't know how to tie them together. Could someone give me some help?

This is a piece of my script:



   Public Sub ClosestPedAsPsycho_KeyDown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GTA.KeyEventArgs) Handles MyBase.KeyDown       If e.Key <> Keys.N Then Return       Dim P As Ped = World.GetClosestPed(Player.Character.Position, 50.0F)       If Exists(P) Then           game.displaytext("A Psychotic Pedestrian!")           p.BecomeMissionCharacter()           p.startkillingspree(alsoAttackPlayer:=True)           p.CurrentRoom = Player.Character.CurrentRoom           p.WillDoDrivebys = True           p.PriorityTargetForEnemies = True           p.CanSwitchWeapons = True           p.DuckWhenAimedAtByGroupMember = True           p.SetPathfinding(True, True, True)           p.WillUseCarsInCombat = True           p.Accuracy = 100           p.MaxHealth = 100           p.Armor = 100           p.WillFlyThroughWindscreen = True           p.WantedByPolice = True



BTW, i'd also like to thank LMS for help with my first forum post. His help gave me some understanding into what was necessary to "grab" peds and vehicle from the world to create my mod.


***EDIT: I've read over the tutorial (Sent to me by Hardsty1e) for the C# INI functions and tried but cannot convert them to V.B. My knowledge of V.B. is limited, i know absolutely nothing about C#.



****SECOND EDIT: I've got a functional INI now, thanks to eveyone who messaged me and game me suggestions / links needed to understand it. smile.gif

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