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Your Favorite GTA Vice City Radio Station/Song?

Recommended Posts

slimeball supreme

There were awesome songs on every station. A lot of classics.

But you can't forget 99 Luftballons, I Ran So Far Away, Billie Jean, Africa, Act Like You Know and Kids of America.

Edited by Mr. Fahrenheit
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Emotion 98.3 is amazing, i think there's not a single song in this radio station that's not good.


My favorite in the moment is the Crockett's Theme, such a relaxing, eargasmic tune...
I feel like i'm walking in the middle of the Miami beach with a badass 80's suit and sunglasses in the sunset while listening this..

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Yeah, you know Emotion 98.3. Featuring one of best voices of the franchise. Fernando Martinez. Martin Lutheross- never too much. I really like to sing along. Man that song is from the heart. And I never can have too much

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Fever 105, Emotion 98.3 and Wave 103 = AMAZING

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Alpha Ice

Flash FM: Self control by laura branigan.


Emotion 98.3: Crockett's theme.

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Fever 105: A tie between "Summer Madness" and "Act Like You Know"


Honorable mention - Emotion 98.3: "Africa"

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"Crockett's Theme", but there are so many songs and stations that I think are awesome here. Let's put it this way: I stop what I'm doing a lot of times just to listen to a certain song:-)

Edited by gluserty

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I like all of them. my favorite songs are

2 live crew- get it girl
elo-4 little diamonds
all the love fist songs
the whispers- the beat goes on
kool and the gang summer madness
Michael Jackson -wanna be starting something
joe Jackson- stepping out
fat larry's band- act like you know
night ranger -sister christian
qiot riot-feel the noise

to name a few a lot of these songs were the soundtrack 80's childhood growing up in Miami just as much as the songs from san andreas was part of my pre teen through high school years in the 90s. the song that stands out to me the most is tears for fears -pale shelter. although I new about there hit singles like shout, everybody wants to rule the world and head over heels I never heard this before. its very fitting for an 80s Miami song the keyboard synth chords give me the feeling of strolling along the ocean shore or cruising the sea in a yacht during a warm florida summer. this game captured the feeling of 80s Miami perfectly. when I first played it 12 years ago it gave me a sense of nostalgia. no game has captured the ambiance of an environment so perfectly besides red dead redemption in my opinion.


I like how jan hammers crocketts theme is usually playing on emotion radio station during the "death row" mission. its so fitting like a movie score.

Edited by GTAKid667
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I don't like the radio stations much because they just fades the SFX sounds of all muscle cars in vc. Likes to turn it off while driving and likes to enjoy the vc real world sounds.

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true thing, but u can lower the music and put the sfx sound higher. apart from that i now listen to my imported songs. meaning the MP3 Player. but i like to listen to VCPR sometimes.

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Luna 51

On Wildstyle.


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