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Golden Medal - Trophy


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Whats up guys!


Does anybody here know how to get the Golden medal trophy?

I read that you have to get 10,000 points with a weapon, do they mean in rampage mode?


And does anybody have a tip on a location rampage that i could easily win this trophy?


Thanks for the help u guys!

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thats what just some people say but its not true. that golden trophy doesnt even exist and i got all golden medals for the weapons and i got 10,000 points or whatever your tlaking about, but i still didn't get it

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For getting the gold medal for all guns you get discounts on guns from ammunation, there is no trophy. The guns that RICHM7 is talking about are in the Liberty City Gun Club, which is south of the Pay&Spray near Francis Intl Airport.


Rampage however only counts towards 100% completion, i don't know if you're into that kind of thing.


Hope this helped! biggrin.gif

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but U might get this when U get Gold in all rampages... dozingoff.gif

is there anyone who has all Gold in rampages to tell?

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ok tnx, invitation sent.


but now tell me specific date and hour when u will be online so we could link on PSPs also ;d

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