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Which one?


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So, I am just in need of a gadget, which one should I buy?


Should I buy:

a Xbox 360

a PlayStation 3

an iPod Touch 4G 32GB

or something else?


Please recommend me something!

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Well what do you need the most?


For the 360/PS3 it really depends on you. What console do your friends have? Would you pay a fee just to play online? Do you need Blu-ray? What Exclusive games do you like best?


The Ipod is another good device, Music/Movies/Internet/Apps/Games. If you have no other music device and Ipod would be very useful.



So, Games or Ipod?

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Do you have a PC for games? Then go for the iPod - it's expensive, but it's great. I've used mine daily for the past year and a half. If you don't have a good PC and you want to play games, get the console instead.



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I have Xbox 360 Ps3 Iphone 4g i have the (Got my iphone 4 16 GB on friday) I am very pleased with it, i browse the forum with it and you get really cool apps which are free, some you need to pay money for but only like 50p, the camera is awsome on it, its great quality.. .. , its great love it...


But i would rather have a 360 , my iphone 4 is just for travelling use really , i go on buses a lot.. and stuff so its something to do when bored.


I wouldn't have it over a console though, so i would say pick between 360 & PS3.


Hope this helps icon14.gif

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No, I don't NEED one but its nice to have a small refresh on the electronical side of your stuff biggrin.gif

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If you have a decent gaming PC, the first option to rule out would be the 360, because almost all of the games that come out for it also come out for the PC. The PS3 has more games that will never reach the PC, but it depends on your taste in games.


I have a pretty good gaming PC, but I also already have an iPhone, so I'd personally go with the PS3. If I were in your situation, I'd go for the iPod.

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Xbox 360 for the console, definetly. Not being biased either from personal experience and the majority of my friends (PS3 and Xobx users - fair mix) I would opt for 360. At least if online play is your kind of thing.


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How is a console portable?

Portable to me means you can pack it up quickly, go and unpack it just as quickly. Now maybe my definition of portable has changed some what over the years.

The only reason you can call a console portable is when comparing it to a PC and you want to go to a friends house to play games all night. But compared to an iPod Touch, consoles are far from portable.


As for which one to get, I agree with Chargr for the most part. If you need to be able to listen to music while on the go then get the Touch, you can play games on it as well, and many more things like have your address book/contacts always at hand (but that's what a cell phone is for too), watch movies/tv/videos (again while on the go), go online (when in a WiFi hot spot), and more.

If you're a gamer first and want to be able to play games at home then go to your friend's house and kick butt then figure out which console you want and go for it.


As far as console vs PC, to say that there a lot of games out for the console that will never be out for the PC isn't exactly fair. Frankly I think many of those games suck anyway so keep them on the console. And the ones that do come to the PC usually end looking better plus gives you the chance to add/make mods that you would never be able to do on the console.

And to be fair I do have to say this; I've never really cared for consoles, I prefer PC gaming and the only console I do have is a Wii which has it's place for my gaming world but I could also live without it. Compare that to most console gamers who could care less about having a high end PC for gaming because they'd rather have the console and live without the PC if they had to.

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