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After Vehicle Mod Game Wont Launch


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Okay I really need some help. I just started trying to mod my GTA 4 so I'm a noob for sure.

My GTA 4 runs perfectly until I attempt to edit the handling.dat file.

After editing some numbers on the sultanrs GTA wont launch at all. I see a small black screen similar to a cmd but totally blank, then it disappears and nothing ever happens.

Ive tried to use the handling.dat program(as admin) to bypass or whatever but didnt work, idk if i even used it correctly since it still said my filelist.pak is modified even before i start modding.

Before I used any modding software I was putting in the numbers manually and is seems that as soon as I uncheck the "read only" box the game will not work after that even if no changes are made.


Running Windows 7 64bit


Please help



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i'm pretty sure u run from patch one to patch five so u need filecheckfix.asi and an asi loader to make the game work after modding

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I also just started messing with gta 4 after playing with sa for years and had this same problem, could you please elaborate a little more on what i need to do so i can mod handling and what not. thanks

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ok i found the thread on the filecheckfix.asi and asi loader, i downloaded both of those, my only other question is do i have to patch down my version? and how do i know which version i have? i bought the retail version about a week ago, thanks


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