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Can't get in CMOS UTILITY


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Well I was trying get into my pc's Bios but can't find any way to do that. I saw many video's in youtube but nothing works for me. So when I start/reboot my pc the first screen just disapper's very fast that I can't see any thing like to get in CMOS, the second screen give's me option to select between Windows Xp or 7 but below that their is option tools that contains 'Windows memory diagnostic' but It show's some kinda test I donno what is that.


Any help please

My specs

Intel dual cpu E2220 @2.3 GHz

Windows Xp/ Windows 7

Nvidia 8800gt

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Try pressing 'Del' or 'F1' or 'F2' as soon as the PC starts. Those are the most common keys to enter BIOS.


If those don't work, then tell us which motherboard you have.

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It usually shows on the screen what to press and if that fails RTFM

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