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EFLC Graphics Issue


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Here's my specs:


Intel Core 2 Quad (2.5GHz)


ATI Radeon HD 3800 - 512MB

Windows 7 Home


The problem: I'll be playing Ballad of Gay Tony in EFLC and after about an hour, it's like the graphics card or the program completely stops generating scenery. I know when it's about to happen. The roads will begin to lose texture and upon driving further the roads become completely transparent, buildings disappear and all you can see are lights and underground structures. To temporarily fix this (it's like restarting the timer on a bomb that makes your head explode with fury)- I have to shut down the game and restart it. Very annoying, especially after dropping that much cash on a PC that's supposed to handle games like this, no problem. I just installed the latest EFLC patch and I'll try that but for now I'd like to hear for someone with some advice. Thanks.



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You can't of paid much for that PC.



Anyway, lower your graphics settings a bit. Sounds you're using too much vram (graphics card dedicated RAM).


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