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need help about create skin for cars


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hey everyone ! smile.gif

i have a question for a long time about create skins for cars.

when i open the TXD. file , for example , the car Flash , there just the brakes inside.

in another forum, they told me there's a way to get the missing textures, like the doors, windows, in short, all the car outside. i'm sure you understand me.

the question is - how i get this textures ?]


10x for the help !! lol.gif


(sorry about my bad english blush.gif )

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The reason you only see the brakes texture inside the flash.txd file is because the model is getting most of its other textures from a file called 'vehicle.txd'. This is a texture file that has a lot of common parts in it that is used by many of the default SA vehicles. It can be found in another folder of the game.


The answer you're really after though is that the Flash does NOT have a skin that you can re-texture. It has a plain exterior with a simple material only. To make it skinnable would require editing in a 3d modelling program.


Vehicles which CAN be skinned will always have a texture within their .txd file that starts with the word 'remap'. For example, the Elegy has a texture with the name 'remapelegybody128'. The game looks for textures starting with this word to know which ones have paintjobs (skins) that can be applied in the mod shops.


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