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recruiting for Los Desperados mission


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For the Los Desperados mission, Carl is outside of Sweet's house,I am supposed to "recruit" two Grove street gangsters, with Cesar,and then go to Unity Station to meet some Aztecas veterans.

How do I "recruit". I have walked up to all of the "Grove Street" gangsters, and tried to "talk" with them, bump into them to start a dialogue, but to no avail. any help would be much appreciated.

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You aim a weapon (Don't Shoot) and hit the action key G (Join Gang smile.gif .





this was covered earlier in the game when CJ went to the cemetary to kill the Ballas dude.

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If you want to recruit a gang member, just have a weapon, place the target on his head, BUT DON'T SHOOT!!!

You should see a green upside-down triangle spawning over his head. In that moment press G (or H, not sure), and you should see a window appearing on top left saying that your gang increased.


Hope it'll work! icon14.gif

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