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command lines and stream.ini file


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I was wondering if anyone played around with the command lines to improve performance/gameplay

and/or played around with the stream.ini file

virtual 204800

physical 204800

virtual_optimised 204800

physical_optimised 204800


I don't know if these numbers are marking 2mb or 2gb. I assume it's system memory?


Example: using alot of "custom" cars, car spawning really gets wierd. Would ANY of the "tweak" above make ANY difference at all?

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Thanks for the link, but it doesn't explain everyone of the commands. I've tried "googling" for them, but doesn't seem anyone has it posted.

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don't really understand these 2:





are they talking about the game or other programs? is it even useful at all?

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Those commands should set aside free RAM for the system. I haven't seen anyone making effective use of those commands.

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just so you know GTAIV.exe searches for and finds / loads and reads stream.ini

so your wrong.


trying to to debug it but im having trouble running gta with a debugger (thx securom)


wasn't gonna bother but people say a lot online.. don't believe everything you read wink.gif

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It's "you're."


I simply stated "believe", haven't made any heavy statements.

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