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gonna make another attempt at this game


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okay i bought this game the day it came out and due to the slew of bugs and other crap i ended up putting it on the shelf and forgetting about it.


so before i come back i have a few questions


- did they ever fix the bug where the world starts disappearing, and your left walking on thin air?

- is there any way to install it without windows live and rockstar social?

- is my saitek fps controller supported yet

i guess thats it

i just know those first 2 problems kept me from playing this altogether, and now ive got the bug to play again

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Rockstar Social Game Club can be turned off by installing the latest patch for GTAIV, and as for Windows Live just use xliveless.


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okay since the search feature of this forum doesn't seem to work im just gonna add to this


ive installed and patched the game to 7


and installed liveless


now running the game first time-

so far visuals are fine


but i need help in 2 places


1. everytime i set the controls and i get back in game they reset back to default (and theres no "apply" button in controller settings screen, how do i make my changes stick?


2. since i dont have an xbox controller, how do i manually set the keys (since the ingame seems unfunctional)

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Space restores defaults, you're just supposed to hit escape and if your mapping was done correctly the configuration should be saved.

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ahh yes thanks for the help


i came across a left handed setup file and that helped tremendously


ill have to do a 4 hour long play session to see how well the game holds up, but so far its working pretty well

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