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Bugs with helicopter rotors [Zmod]


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Hi! I made a model from scratch, a police helicopter.

Everything is great with it, except one thing.

Those helicopter rotors (the big and the little one) change from the place you can see in Zmodeler.


user posted image


Problems started when I tested it in-game. Rotors are out of place.

user posted image


I tried going to Display>Local Axes>Reset to parent , reset to world and center to object. Also switched Offset and Orientation, with no luck.


Does somebody know how to solve this problem? I saw many helicopter mods so I guess someone knows how to do this.




PD: This is my first mod from scratch, so it's a low quality model.

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Have you tried selecting each rotor object and manually moving the axis to the exact spot where you need it? This SHOULD fix your problem... If they're still out of place, keep adjusting in Zmodeler until they're right.


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