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Fix for TBoGT (PC) auto aim zoom! Not 100% though


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I've finally found a way to disbale that stupid auto zoom feature that some idiot at Rockstar decided to implement in TBoGT. The fix is at the cost of the sniper rifle zoom though, but as I only free play to kill cops with a few gun mods and don't use the sniper, I really don't mind. Perhaps others can refine this method to work 100%?


The sollution is called X-mouse. Download and install this free software, add ELFC.exe to the app config list, select it, change the behavour of the right mouse button to 'Mouse Wheel Scroll Down' and the auto zoom is history! At least it is for me... This does not entirely override the GTA IV mouse functions as I first thought, it just adds mouse wheel down scrolling to the right click instead of overriding it completely. In other words this program is basically constantly scolling down with the mouse wheel for you while you are pressing the right mouse button, and GTA still does what it's supposed to do with right click (aim).


Note that this will disable zooming in with the sniper rifle, because right clicking will auto zoom out with this fix.


So, I got it working to my liking and don't intend on playing around with it more to get the sniper working. If someone else can figure it out that would be cool, but I'm happy with this method as I hardly ever use the sniper.


*** EDIT: Edited post, found a setting that works more stable than the method I originally posted. ***

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Well, I said I wasn't going to play around with it anymore but I just came to think of using the layers features in X-mouse to enable and disable L and R button auto mouse wheel out so the sniper zoom can be used. I had to try it out... and it works!

I use mouse button five to go to the next layer (that has L and R mouse buttons set to do nothing) and mouse button four to go back to previous layer (layer 1 that has L and R button do mouse wheel down).

This means you can enable and disable to automatic X-mouse mouse wheel down/zoom out feature. So to zoom with the sniper, you just click on the mouse button five and can then zoom however you want with it, and then mouse botton four to re-enable the X-mouse auto zoom out on L and R mouse clicks again.


If there was an even amount of layers one could set the first layer to have the L and R 'mod', the second without, the third with, the fourth without and so on, and just use one Next layer button, but unfortunatly there are five layers. So personally I prefure using a next layer and a previous layer button. Maybe someone can come up with a better solution?

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No need to post about a double post and have nothing to say about the subject at hand... Just edit your brain next time...


Now to actually have a reason to post here... Instead of just being a troll... *cough*


I think this is great, a lot of people have been annoyed by the auto zoom in TBoGT, I think people will benefit from this, and I'm glad you figured out the formula to get the sniper zoom to keep working.

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Cheers McAkrylamid, I just wish there was a more direct way of fixing this immensely annoying issue. I honestly haven't played TBoGT for over a year because of it, which probably says more about my neuroses than it does about the game, but it is what it is.


I'm not a programmer, but how difficult would it be to fix this bug? In my ignorance it sounds like something a programmer could do in about 2 minutes.

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