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[Q] Turning off bike helmet on girlfriend


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In a little mod for myself, I've replaced a girlfriend (Kiki, to be precise) with a pedestrian model. Stumbled upon a problem: the helmet she puts on now clips with her hair.

(Yes, it's important for me. Made her into kind of a biker chick, meant to warm the back seat of a chopper all the time)



Does anyone know a way to make a certain character NOT wear a helmet, or make it invisible? I would appreciate a solution not requiring any model editing - my "skills" are limited to 2D graphics at best.


I've tried changing the helmet texture to 100% transparency - it just made the helmet appear all-white.


Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Like, the whole helmet? Hmm, well. I'm afraid it could cause crashing, or something... but I'll try that of course, thanks smile.gif



Deleting revelant files in pedprops works like a charm. No more helmet. Cheers! colgate.gif

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