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The last stand


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Hello.my name is malik this is my dyom mission pack."the last stand"a zombie mission.

Story:when the world is in danger(a new disease name 55virus)there a new corporation name DON CORP:world cure development.everybody trust the corp but actually DON CORP is not make a cure but make a disease.the disease is spread and turn dead body to zombie.in the middle of chaos there a survivor

character:CJ=a survivor,live in fort carson.jack=dr.tim brother,live in fort carson.dr.tim=DON CORP development team,a good guy.mcdon=DON CORP leader,bad guy.zin=DON CORP secret passage cleaner.roy=DON CORP security leader.zombie=innocent people.i am sorry i dont have picture i upload picture soon you can download it in dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=10742

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