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Audio buzz/occasional crash


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So when I first installed it I was using onboard sound, and if I hadn't restarted my computer in a few days GTAIV would get an odd pulsating buzz, that gets more noticable when there are more noises/music playing. Since getting a soundcard however, it happens all the time. From the intro music to menu movements, radio stations to weapons fire, it makes this noise. After a fresh restart it would only happen if I were on a call in skype (it would start and I'd have to restart to fix it again) but vent only made a slight buzz but no continuation.


I can't stop it, haven't found anyone else that has this problem and have tried several audio settings for my soundcard and windows but to no avail. Maybe I should get windows 7 now ...




If anyone has had this and found a fix please reply sad.gif



Edit: Oh yeah almost forgot; sometimes the audio will cause it to attempt to CTD (even with the pop-up "o noes it broke!" window) and starts looping the last 2 seconds of sound over and over until I kill the .exe.



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For the sound looping issue there are no fixes, afaik.


If you're using XP, then you should check that hardware sound acceleration is set to max.

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Tried new sound drivers?


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