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Best way to install Vice City mods


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Which is the best? VCMM, mod installer or manuall installation? I'm asking this because I'm having troubles with some mods, mostly cars. After some time playing with them I get the Unhandled Exception error, even though I tested each one of them when I installed them.

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Manual install is the best. With auto-installers, if you're blessed they'll just crash your game. If you're lucky they'll wipe out your install. And under normal circumstances they'll infect your computer. Install one at a time and test. That includes not just spawning/finding the car and cruising it, but also ripping every removable piece off, flipping it, and blowing it up. I downloaded a Walton mod once, whenever a fender came off the game crashed. And sometimes wily modders hide some, err, "exotic" content on the bottom of their cars. Happened with a tow truck once. Luckily, I always look through my .txd before I install it to catch this stuff. Yet another reason you should install manually and check your files. Also, only use trusted modding sites. GTAPLACE is cool, but about 35% of the content I've downloaded there contained an infostealer or worse. That's why you should keep a good security program like Norton loaded at all times.


Hope this helped!


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