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Must-have mods, Ryusaki's mods' problem and CLEO4


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So, for first, I'd like to ask you what else mods would you recommend. I'm looking for anything-else-than-typical-car-mods.


So far I've got some of Ryusaki's CLEO mods, SRT 1.7, Project Oblivion 2010HQ. I miss a particle mod here. Also there's Detailed Radar Mod, Gas Mod by Darecki, a Hydra and Apache mod. Stream Fix is also there.


Now the problem with CLEO and CLEO mods - I've installed CLEO3 and some functions of Ryusaki's "Missile" mod don't work for me, like flares for Apache, RPG behaviour change, HEAT behaviour change. C key doesn't work there. Years ago I've had this mod and it worked perfectly. What changed?

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Ryosuke's mods are so kick-ass and advanced that they only work on the old version of CLEO.


CLEO 4 still has some compatibility issues with Ryosukes mods in particular (as I said, they're just too advanced) but I'm not sure if they will ever be fully resolved. I believe if a particular part of the script is pointed out as causing problems, Alien will be able to fix it.



What kind of mods dyeh want?

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