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Importing NVC Data


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Is there any DFF Importer that actually imports the NVC Data from SA map DFF's?


I need to know this, because Im doing changes to the map by importing some map DFF's to MAX, editing what I need, and then re-exporting.


Im using Deniska's DFF Exporter, that allows NVC. The problem is, the SA DFF I imported with KAMS only contains the DAY vertex colors, but the Night vc are missing. So ingame I get as perfect model during Day time, but at Night its brighter than sunshine.

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Use RWanalyze to save the original NVC data then you can import the original data back into a model, however

this would work if your not changing any vertices. Importing into Max i cant help.


Steve's site:

RW Analyze 0.4 Beta


I would also save any original 2dfx from the original model using Steves tool for importing back in after your changes (Dexx's script cant do type9 for instance Kams will lose that aswell)

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