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Various Help Needed For GTA SA Modding ETC


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Hi Guys,


Right i have 3 problems 1. The Installation Of The Mod Which Requres Playing With No Disk

2. Problems With Game Saves

3. General Controls / Spacestein All In One Mod Key Methods


Right i have installed the full game via the disc after i done that i tryed to download a file containing a 100% completion game save i done this. When i copyed and pasted it to My Documents, San Andreas User Files and started the game i clicked Start Game, Load Game And it showed the 100% game save so i clicked the game save and it just went to the into at the start as if i was starting a new game from scratch anyone know why and can help me ?


Another Problem i installed the mod which allows you to play the game without having the disk so the way i done this was i downloaded the file called gta_sa i think its called and to install this i unzipped the file and placed them on my desktop then i went to - HDD (C:), Programme Files, Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and copy and pasted the file sayin gta_sa and removed the old one was this right because since i have done this now when i delete or copy a new game save into the file My Documents, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas User Files when i launch the game and click load all that appears is the old game save and not the new ones its weird ?


Finally i have the Spacestein All In One Mod V2.8 now as the game saves were not workin when i used to have this game i used to skip missions and i knew u could do that on this so i was wondering could anyone tell me the keys i have to use to skip a mission the mod is enabled jus need to know key sequence dont understand the instructions on Read Me.txt File biggrin.gif



Thanks for reading hope u can help


Chris smile.gif


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