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Newgrounds Sig Request


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Name: What I'm requesting is a simple signature with my name " - ~ K o i r u - k u n ~ -" (stylized like that, but without the quotations) in an 8-bit-looking font with white letters and a crimson outline.


Size: 599px × 50px


Theme: This pic of Travis needs to to be almost all the way to left.


Resources: 8-bit-looking font with white letters and a crimson outline. And this picture of Travis Touchdown in the infobox.


Colours: I mainly want red and white stripes (like peppermint candy) going diagonally through the signature.


Additional info: I'd like a pixelized picture of Travis Touchdown (of No More Heroes fame) stuck in there somewhere. I'm not picky about which picture it is, and I really don't care where the picture is placed within the signature. Sorry that I can't be more of a help.



If you guys could do this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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Ooh, thank you! But is it okay if I ask for a few more Newgrounds items based off of this?:


Page header


Can you make a variation of that with the measurements 770 pixels wide by 100 pixels high for a page header?


Avatar icon


Could you guys make a 46x46 non-transparent icon featuring Travis' head with the peppermint candy stripes behind it?


Profile pic


I just need a 212px × 159px picture of the sig, but without the " - ~ K o i r u - k u n ~ -" logo.


Record icon


Just simply more 46x46 icons: the first one just simply being the peppermint stripes, and the other with the same stripes, saying, "8-bit," in that same font as the sig. IMPORTANT NOTE: this record icons HAVE to be non-transparent, non-animated GIFs; they won't work otherwise.


Thanks a bunch!


Also, can you guys make that previous sig a non-transparent, non-animated GIF or JPG format? Thank you.




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