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On/Off road rally races(XBL)New!


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Description:There will be different tracks all around the map. I will tell you and show you the way obviously. You must drive to each of the races by the time I give you. When there you will be timed on how fast you get through the course. No your not going to be out there at the same time as other racers. There will be 1 ambulance in every event there so if you flip your car, they will come out and give you a ride to a new one. you will need you yourself as a driver or spotter and a partner for what your not. The driver controls the vehicle, and the spotter is watching the map and telling the driver how tight the corners are on #'s scale from 1-10. This way the driver knows what to expect like real life. The damage will be more realistic in this game. The car or truck your driving cant roll twice. If it rolls twice its totalled. Black smoke, its totalled. Other than that you can still drive. You listen to me as I will be the person you go to for events and the person keeping track of the times. As the tracks go on your times get recorded. Ill be in a stinger bescause ill be the pace car and leader. You may choose what car or truck you drive. No police cars, or emergancy vehicles or bikes. There will be a 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd.



1. Must read all rules biggrin.gif


2. No killing of any kind


3. You must have a Mic


4. You must have a partner


5. You must follow procedure when you crash


6. No road rage between races like slamming oppenants cars trying to sabotage another team


7. Have fun


Post on here to join or send me a F/R with a message saying you want to join.

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