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Mister Pink

Old Gen Gaming: PS, Xbox, Megadrive, SNES..

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Anyone still game on PS3?


I haven't plugged in mine for 2 years and that was to play Red Dead Redemption.



Oh i play on mine, time to time, mostly black ops 1 or 2. planning to get gta v for gta online tho :lol:

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The story in True Crime NYC is actually pretty engaging and the missions aren't all the same. I have a feeling it had direct influence on IV. It's one of the most ambitious games of the sixth generation for sure.

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My wife needed to stage a shot using my 'functional art piece', so I figured I'd take a pic and share.


"Locked in 1979".


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Awesome! Good to see that setup still. I Just posted this last week. I got my 5th Atari donation along with about 70 carts. The Atari collection is taking up way too much space.




I took it apart and cleaned it up and it looks brand new. These things are a BITCH to clean, it takes forever to clean 40 years of gunk and dirt out of the grooves.

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I had a hunch and I feel it was validated today after reading an article and then doing some lite research.


So...get ready to unload that 2600.


Keep in mind I am no expert in the retro gaming market but I have been loosely involved for maybe 20 years now.  The interest comes and goes in waves.  We are just getting ready for a quick high point thanks to Atari and Intellivision releasing new hardware with a focus on nostalgia meeting 21st century technology.


I've been sitting on 2 Intellivision during the past handful of soft years but it looks like they are back to $300 packages.  This wave won't last long.


2600s loose with a handful of loose carts are bringing close to $200 ($100 low end).


I predict we have maybe 3 or 4 months before they both drop down to dirt cheap.

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So last month I moved to my new house.  Packed up pretty much everything myself (again), but this time we hired movers (mainly because I agreed with my wife that I didn't want to do everything by myself again...and we had 5 years worth more of furniture and stuff since our last move).  I have a lifetime to unpack though, because I'm pretty much considering this my "forever" house.

So while I was moving my basement and throwing out a ton of stuff, I came across a box I must not have opened in several years and found some of my old Sega games.  Some from when I was a kid, some I bought later just to have.  And I found my original "Spy Vs. Spy" card (not cartridge) and I just really wanted to play it.  But unforunately I don't actually have the console.  So in my area there are a few classic gamers stores that resell a lot of items, and one I knew of and passed by several times and I keep eyeing the systems they have.  So I went to this store this past weekend after I came across the box again, wife had taken the kids somewhere (I don't know where, it was Father's Day weekend...Dad time), and yes...they had an original Sega MS with two controllers for sale.

Score.  Bought that puppy for around $100, took it home and hooked it up to my old TV and converter...and ahhhh, what beautiful 8-bit glory.  I just absolutely loved that game.  Soon after I threw in some Alex Kidd in Miracle World, got to play some Rock-Paper-Scissors (damn, these guys are f***ing pros).  Then finally I put in the mother of all SMS games...the JRPG that set the tone for the rest to follow....Phantasy Star.  Ahhhhhhh....I was in heaven.

Then the kids came home.  


I just loved that old SMS....it was so nice and powerful, always thought it was superior to the NES.  NES had the better marketing and overall probably the more rounded game library.  SMS though had more direct arcade-to-console ports...so many of your old arcade favorites were right there in your living room.  Because it had more power than the NES, you could get a lot more of these games...though sometimes not fully up to the arcade counterparts (Altered Beast for example did not have the 3rd level which had the, iirc, Polar Bear in an ice world...it went direct to the underground ruins with the Tiger).  

Ahhhh good times.  

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