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[REQ]A intro for my videos


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I need an intro for my vids. They are not so much but there are 3 games: Command and Conquer 4, The Sims 3 and Minecraft. I want YOU to make me a cool intro in ANY video editing program.


The intro should be something like:


(animation) RespawnIV Presents...(animation)

(anim)Command and Conquer 4(anim)

(anim) The Sims 3(anim)

(anim) And... Minecraft!(anim)


Have all of the day making it guys!

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I would do it but I haven't go After Effects installed. You best bet is to go to the Creative Cow forums and request it.

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If you can't do it why someone asked a intro and you did make it? Not you gta_talk.

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