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[SNP] Toreno's Last Flight


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Don't use the RPG, go to the airport and get the HEAT before you start the mission.

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Just some tips that might help you pass this mission in the future.

Before starting or even after you started the mission go to the San Fierro Airport. There's hidden somewhere a Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher. It will help you a lot!


Let me show you a picture of it and maybe the exactly place to find it:



It is spawning between two big buoys or something like that.

It's really useful. Press right click on your mouse and you will have a lock-on target. Just wait until the target gets red and then you're ready to shoot. Here's an example:



See? It'll be very useful. Once you started the mission, and already have this weapon, go to the police base, but DO NOT pick up the other rocket launcher which does NOT have any lock-on target. It's going to be very hard to pass the mission with that launcher. Just go up the stairs which lead to Toreno's helicopter. After he has taken off, just get back downstairs without picking up the launcher. Then, get on the FCR-900, and get on the main driveway. If you move fast, you could easily get in the front of the helicopter. Then, just wait for it. You'll still notice that the radar tells you to go and get the rocket launcher given by the mission, but don't! You won't fail the mission if you don't pick it up.


So, get in the front of the helicopter and wait. When it's near, lock-on your launcher and get ready to shoot. If you move fast and smart, you'll be able to down it with only one shoot - you having more ammo for the next missions for the rocket launcher. icon14.gificon14.gif


Oh, and just in case you aren't sure where it is, here's a little map that may help you out!

I've made (manually tounge.gif) a little X of the exactly place of where the launcher is, so I hope you can find it. And if you have the other launcher already from the other mission tries, just press TAB and replace that crap with the master piece!



If you've still got any other questions, just feel free to ask, so you won't need anymore help in the future with this mission. smile.gificon14.gif

Dead (Retired)

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After the helicopter take-off cut scene just stay at the top of the stairs, turn south towards the Doherty garage. Have the Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher equiped for use before you go up the stairs. When you turn to the south you should be able to get a few locked on shots at the helicopter & that will end the mission a lot quicker then following the helicopter on the motorcycle.

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I see a lot of your trouble is with 'crashing', etc.

Maybe you should look into why.

Are you using the Original DVD in the drive or a Crack?

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Although it makes the mission easy, I have never used the heat seeking RL for this mission. What I generally do is this: Make sure you have full armour before starting this mission. Upon arriving near the helipad, kill the 2 guys approaching CJ, then simply sprint to the helipad and kill the 2 guys on top of it. Grab the rocket launcher and jump down near the parked FCR-900. Get on the bike and speed away. By this time, you'll have lost some or most of the armour and gained one wanted star. The wanted star is pretty easy to lose. If you kill more guys/police, you'll gain more wanted stars and the mission becomes tougher. Once on the bike, speed to the end of the bridge (no need to get down and try to shoot the chopper because you'll miss). Make sure you don't go too far ahead of the chopper or you'll fail the mission. At the end of the bridge, the chopper will hover around for some time and you can easily take it down with one or two shots.

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Go to the N/W corner across the street, and get on the 'Blocks' wall

Shoot the two guys coming at you for the one Star Want.

Wait there until the star goes away. Snipe the two other guys next to the copter.

if you get another Star wait till it goes away.

Cross the street and go to the first landing, You may have to shoot two more guys by the van. (Don't shoot the cop(s).

The copter takes off while CJ is on the stairs (Have the HEAT ready).

Turn and shoot with the HEAT. the Copter should blow up at the corner or just around it (You can watch the missile track on the Radar).

Mission Complete.

Take the M/C and go home.

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