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Recommended Posts


San Andreas Own Radio Stations

Current version: ASI
This plugin allows you to listen your own music like mp3 or internet streams (net radio). Yes, it's live! biggrin.gif
Just download SAORS ASI and configure. Move your music to San Andreas audio\streams folder
You do NOT need to remove old SA Radio Stations.

GTAGarage download link



Added SAORS manager for settings file
Better ReadMe file
You can load mp3 file from anywhere
Fixed mp3 problems when file was loading
Fixed sound of switcher

Radio colors fix
Some bug fixes

Radio now is getting lower volume when is too loud when cutscene audio is playing

Critical error fixed, update reccomended. Game was quiting after few minutes of play

SAORS now working on individual thread

Works faster, but still beta :)

Weird problem with radio switching sound on bikes is fixed

No more splash logo, ASI plugin
You can replace original Radio Station names without editing GXT files
Better configuration file
You can adjust colors of Radio Stations in game and it will not affects other game colors anymore
You can replace original Radio Station switch sounds
You can listen radio stations from the url and from the files, if no file or URL is found, it switches to original


Special thanks

DKCPatch library
un4seenBASS library
Jellycan CodeSimpleINI library



an update




Edited by HackMan128
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Hehe been looking for this for ages, a few years ago tounge.gif any change of this coming to IV?


Great work anyway smile.gif

Edited by Shadow-Link
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For now all is a simple version. Later it will be more advanced, I like progression.

3.0 for now = Internet.

@nkjellman, did You converted your files to mp3 and put in audio\streams folder?

@lpgunit, No, asi is impossible. Maybe d3d8 but I don't know if it possible for now.

After exams I will think.

I want to make San Andreas Own Menu, but first I must check if it is possible.

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Hey man, it's a nice mod, but please, and sorry if it spams, but please do not ignore the reply on your gtagarage topic, lol.

here a copy of it:



I spotted 2 bugs: It get's mixed with User Tracks Player And i made myself, that i hear K-DST (gta4 LRR) (i modded to LRR from gta4 - Works alright without SAORS) in my savehouses, but no songs appear confused.gif Plz plz plz fix these bugs smile.gif Oh and can you make, that they don't always start from beginning of the track? I mean, everytime i start new game, it starts alltime from the same point of the radio station (beginning of it) plz can you make that it starts from random points rahkstar2.gifsmile.gif ? Edit: Found another bug, a very heavy one. After minimizing the game (becuz i use DexX's GFXHack) and radio got screwed and cannot even exit game after that (thx task manager to quit it biggrin.gif) OH and of course a bug :/when you load another game, it freezes dozingoff.gif good that i made backups of my stream folder catspider.gif


Can you plz fix these bugs, if possible? cry.gif I want so badly my radio stations (gta4,vc and vcs radios in gtasa, lol)

Awesome mod idea btw icon14.gifbiggrin.gif

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After exams I will think.


So Mr. TheD199434, I think that now all is clearly known.

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Yep I just fond that out. Ive got the Radio stations working. I also put in text in the american.gxt to be named after the LCS Radio stations. There is a new Idea for the next version. Nameing the Radio stations. Also seting the icons for them for the audio setings screen.

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Nice! icon14.gif Been waiting for something like this for years! One question, would it be possible to do something similar like this for all the sound effects, speeches etc? Having them in mp3 format would be easier for people to change the sound effects and also hopefully won't get problems/glitches like you get when you edit the original audio files.

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  • 2 months later...

HELP!!!! sad.gif

spent ages trying to get curtom internet radio to work

i put all the links into the ini file and loaded up the game

It would play the station but also other MP3's on my computer at the same time confused.gif

So i deleted them and loaded up GTA SA again (Dont wory they were all Backed up)

then i would here the radio fuzzy noize and very faintly the internet stream behind it i it would spend about 8 seconds on that the come up with the message GTA SA has stopped working! and it closes

strangely though when the message it there i can herethe internet stream clearly confused.gif

Any help would be aprecatied

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  • 2 weeks later...

Please make it as .asi.


And I noticed a bug , I have my own User tracks on My Documents folder , and when I change station , live stream starts playing , and also one of my User Tracks songs starts playing on same time.

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  • 5 months later...
  • 2 years later...

New version (ASI) has arrived, download link in first post.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey HM128, I'm using the latest ASI version of SAORS and I'm encountering two bugs.

The first bug is that when I enter any car that a ped was just driving, the radio station names get jumbled up. For example, it would show "Espantoso" when it was playing "K-Jah" etc.

The second bug I'm getting is when I change the radio station name colours. They work correctly briefly, but after a second or so they turn a black colour with a blue/green outline. I'm using the 1.0 US exe if that's any help. :)

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I don't have that problem :)

It's some threads issues probably.

Edited by HM128
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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 1 month later...
  • 1 year later...



Question: is this possible with VC? :p



In VC you can convert MP3 into ADF so you can have custom radiostation

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