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Infection; The Tale of Mark White


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Sorry for the long time without any news. I wound up homeless and staying at a friend's home during March, and I'm still going to be a week or so away from being able to resume work on the series.


I have other projects that I want to begin, but I will make this DYOM project higher in priority than the projects I haven't started yet. I will eventually work out how to stop the boat driver from going to complete utter wrong direction in his route, even if I have to revert to DYOM V5 in order to do so. I am sorry for how long this series is taking. I wanted to have it done by now, especially since its only three Acts long, and I originallly had March as a dedicated month to working on the series.


I'm not making any guesses on when the next update shall be, I'm still away from my desktop (where all my projects are kept), but just know that I'll start working on it as soon as I can.

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General Scrotum

I had started to play the introduction and nothing more.


Guess I will try to play the whole Act I.

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this mission pack still in development or abandon hope?

Man, what a big bump

He already dropped it, maybe. Or you just make him realized to continue this missions pack (He doesn't online recently)

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The content seems to have been abandoned.



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